A blog platform accessible to edits is the goal here.

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Geolog | May 29, 2017, 12:00

First Post

scr.bli.sh is pu.bli.sh in Blog form. The blog body uses markdown, so you may format your text.



Geolog | Jun 06, 2017, 12:00

First Post

My aim has been to create platforms that are accessible to edits. I have been running another content-manageable sub-domain in varying states of bugginess for two years, and the most recent iterations of my sub-domains run on a home-built RPi server. I haven't even developed the domain landing page, and I'm responding to a request for a blog platform seen here that I'm noticing is more complex a task than I anticipated. It isn't yet what I hope it can be.

Edit: July 28, 2017
The latest round of edits incorporate css-grid. In shuffling view files, some routes got broken. Feel free to report any issues on github.

Edit: September 23, 2017
Complete overhaul required. BRB.